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With more almost 30 years of experience Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors. Our objective is to be the global leader in standard and customized sensor technology – empowering our customers to provide new levels of innovation and product design to deliver to their markets worldwide. IST AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of thin- and thick-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, conductivity sensors and biosensors. In addition to development and manufacturing of standard sensors, our highly qualified technical team offers consulting and R&D tailored to specific customer requests in the field of sensor technology.
  • Business typessuppliser
  • Business scopeTemperature, Humidity, Flow, Conductivity, Bio Sensors
  • Established time1991-02-22
Temperature Flow Rate Data Mining Instrumentation
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