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Humidity Sensor

  • Product modelP14 Rapid
  • Product brand Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG
  • Apply area:Medical Equipment,Wearable Devices,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Electric Power,Light Industry,Aerospace/Marine,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Inter-city Rail Transport/Metro,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Warehouse,Nuclear Power,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,HVAC,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Transportation and Road Administration,Smart Phone,Smart Home,Oil-fueled Automotive

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

China Shanghai Shanghai City

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Stable and robust humidity sensors with ultra-fast response time are often required in applications involving meteorology – not only in normal conditions, but also under elevated environmental constraints such as extremely low temperatures, high radiation levels and under extreme condensation. Such applications need fully tailored solutions, such as those provided by the Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG P14 Rapid. The P14 Rapid humidity sensor combines speed and full range operation in an ideal way. The sensor is capable of measuring 0 % RH to 100 % RH (maximal dew point +85 °C) with a capacitance of 140 pF ±40 pF (wired) / 180 pF ±50 pF (SMD) (at 30 % RH and +23 °C) and operates within a temperature range of -80 °C to +150 °C.

Further advantages of the P14 Rapid capacitive RH sensor include:

  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Temperature shock resistant
  • Condensation resistant
  • Fast recovery time
  • High humidity stability
  • Wide temperature range
  • Customer-specific sensor available upon request

The IST AG P14 Rapid humidity sensor is available with CuP-SIL-wire post-plated with Sn, Au/Cu-wire or as SMD for automatic packaging as standard.

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