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Flow Sensor

  • Product modelFS7
  • Product brand Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG
  • Application FieldsMedical Equipment,Wearable Devices,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Electric Power,Light Industry,Aerospace/Marine,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Inter-city Rail Transport/Metro,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Warehouse,Nuclear Power,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,HVAC,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Transportation and Road Administration,Smart Phone,Smart Home,Oil-fueled Automotive

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

China Shanghai Shanghai City

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The IST AG FS7 thermal mass flow sensors are the successors of the FS5 flow sensors and exhibit a symmetrical heater design and enhanced sensitivity. The FS7 flow sensor is applicable in gas and offer excellent long-term stability. The small thermal mass of the FS7 sensor provides a fast response time. Additionally, the standard FS7 sensor is also available with a housing which is easily implemented into various applications.

Further advantages of the FS7 thermal mass flow sensor include:

  • Easy adaptation in various applications and housings
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Simple signal processing
  • Simple calibration
  • Stable platinum technology
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Customer-specific sensor available upon request.

The IST AG FS7 flow sensors are optimal for measuring gas flow in various flow applications.

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