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Insight into demand, create the blue ocean, extend the sustainable niche advantage With the vision of sustainable development and the concept of technological superiority and continuous innovation, Zhongzhi has continued to understand the market deeply, derived the business strategy of creating the blue ocean, and defined the value appeal of "wisdom, innovation and service". Crowd wisdom - gather wisdom, develop technology, cultivate irreplaceable professional team. Leading innovation - leading the industry, continuous innovation, creating differentiated value. Focus on customers - listen to customers, insight into needs, to create customized services. Focusing on bio-medicine, energy conservation, home safety care and personal health management, we have to continue to develop innovative and forward-looking potential products with an international perspective, so that we can break out of the Red Sea competition framework and build a niche advantage in the global landscape, thereby expanding our lead over other players. Extension in order to be able to sustainable innovation management of blue ocean, and all the wisdom of borrowing mode, led by the elite of development lead to the international view, from the perspective of globalization, and make use of space, the ability to think independently to stimulate staff's creativity, imagination, and the working potential, and through interaction contribute to a virtuous cycle, let the wisdom of crowds gather more effectively, Agitate out of the continuous source of innovation.
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