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Hunan Zhunlian (Zenlink)Sensors Co.,Ltd specializes in research and development,production and sales of sensors for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation.The company’s products are mainly used in various industry fields such as location and fluid professional measurement or detection application. The company has its professional and competitive R&D team,the engineer lead-ship,has more than 10 years’ sensor developing and management experience of some famous German brands.Once as one of Chinese leading agent of some world’s famous brands such as Balluff and from Japan for years,we have determined to start development of our own brand with the quality comparable or even beyond some famous brand,aiming to manufacturing the high end brand replacement for their current or potential customers. Our major customers or users concentrate on automobile and accessories, high speed railway motor and automatic packing fields,which has demanding requirements such as high speed,high accuracy and high reliability from the industrial field sensors or transmitters. We have been developed numerous automobile specified sensors for CRRC,involving the measurement of location,displacement and pressure ect. Your desire,our mission.We are very willing and confident to offer you the complete and reliable solution with best possible cost,just discuss with us your detailed requirements. Let us make joint efforts for Industry 4.0.Contact us take a part in the loT and sensor solution.
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Infrared Pressure Location
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