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Shanghai Nemoto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in November 2007, is a joint venture funded by Japan gengspecial Chemical Co., Ltd. (holding 93.2%) and became a sole proprietorship of Japan gengspecial Chemical Co., Ltd. (holding 100%) in May 2018. Its predecessor is Shanghai Fundamental Light Chemical Co., Ltd., which was established in December 1994. The factory is located in Changzheng Industrial Park, Putuo District, Shanghai (No. 16 A, Lane 271, Qianyang Road). The construction area of the production base is 1700 square meters, with an annual production of more than 3 million gas sensors and more than 115 employees. The company mainly produces industrial and civil combustible gas sensors, incomplete combustion gas sensors for water heaters, and gas sensors for fuel cells. It is the production base of the whole series of contact combustion gas sensors of the group. In addition to selling contact combustion gas sensors in the Chinese market, the company also exports various types of gas sensors to Japan and all over the world. In May 2018, the company officially began to sell the electrochemical gas sensors produced by Gengen group in Japan. Since its establishment, the company has introduced advanced production technology and technology from Japan, developed new products with optimized design, and constantly pushed through the old to bring forth the new. Strong technical force, advanced production technology and fully automated testing equipment make our products have the characteristics of high precision, strong environmental temperature adaptability, long-term stability, reliable performance and long service life. The company obtained the ISO9000 quality management system certification as early as July 1998, passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification in October 2002, and completed the updated certification of 2015 version in May 2018. This marks that we have entered the international advanced ranks in all aspects of production and management. We should further take "safe", "reliable" and "healthy" technology development enterprises as the company's development goals, and constantly develop innovative technologies and products to make our contribution to mankind and the earth.
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