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Founded in 2009, Dalian Rayco Electronics Co., LTD (RAYCO) is a high tech enterprise focusing on research, development, production, sales and engineering supporting for precision pressure sensor. RAYCO is specialized in microfused pressure sensor, signal conditioning circuitry and sensor and transmitter test and compensation system. RAYCO's headquarter is located in the beautiful coastal city – Dalian. Since its establishment, Rayco has developed the core technology for microfused pressure sensor and built a 1000000 units/year mass production line. With its leading edge technology, Rayco can provide high quality, high value and cost-effective solutions for its customers in automotive and industrial market. RAYCO has developed its own automatic sensor test/compensation system, transducer calibration and test system. RAYCO is the first company in China to implement the automated calibration of sensor and transmitter in mass production. RAYCO's automation technology improves the production efficiency and the performance of the sensor and transmitter. RAYCO has developed sensor conditioning ASICs, integrating its know-how in sensor signal processing, compensation and calibration technology. The highly integrated IC brings high performance yet cost effective solutions to RAYCO's customers. RAYCO's products have been widely used in engineering machinery, automotive electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning compressor, environmental protection equipment, medical appliance, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, hydrology and industrial process field pressure measurement and control. In the spirit of integrity, pragmatism and innovation and using its first class pressure sensor production technology, RAYCO has always being mindful of its customers' needs and dedicated to deliver ideal solutions and high value services. RAYCO has an outstanding team capable of technology innovation and product development. The team will continue to focus on technology research and development in the field of pressure sensors and make contributions to sensor technology industry in China. RAYCO is a high quality products and services provider and a trusted partner.
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