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STD3051 Transmitter meter head

  • Product model
  • Product brand BNsens
  • Apply area:Medical Equipment,Wearable Devices,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Electric Power,Light Industry,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Inter-city Rail Transport/Metro,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Warehouse,Nuclear Power,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,HVAC,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Transportation and Road Administration,Internet of things,Smart Phone,Smart Home,Oil-fueled Automotive,Industry Robtot, Water Conservancy and Transportation,New energy(Wind Energy,Photovoltaik,Hydrogen,Geothermy etc.),Commercial Archiecture,Personal Management,Indoor Environment Monitoring,Lighting Management,Energy Management,Health Care Industry,Entertainment Equipment,Personal Computer,Service Robot,Education Robot,Rehabilitation Robot,New Energy Vehicle,High-speed Train,Aviation, Refrigeration,Household Appliance,Food/Beverage/Medicine Industry,Transportation,Retail,Animal Husbandry,Breading Industry,Warm Shed,Agricuhural Machinery,Boats and Ships,Outer Space and Sapce flight,Petroleum/Natural Gas,Fuel Cell,Energy Safty and Measurment,Energy Transportation,Outdoor Environment Monitoring,Security Protection/Monitor,Exploration/Monitoring,Water/Sewage Disposal,Industry Environment Monitoring,Underground Pipline,Smart Water,Water Supply and Drainage,Urban Rainstorm Waterlogging Management



Product Details Product specification download

Input voltage range: 10 to 32V DC

Resolution: 0.001%FS

Support temperature compensation

Easy to use and intuitive display

Field zero, range and configuration adjustment functions

Product Description:

The STD3051 is a high performance transmitter head with advanced sensor technology. Compatible with the standard HART protocol, specially designed for transmitters such as strain gauges, diffused silicon, ceramic piezoresistive, ceramic capacitors, monocrystalline silicon, and magnetic flip-plate level gauges, it provides high measurement accuracy and stability over a wide range of processes and ambient temperatures by combining sensing technology and integrated static pressure and temperature level compensation features on the chip. The STD3051 head is fully tested and has extensive field use validation to easily meet the most demanding requirements of pressure measurement applications.

Product features:

Input voltage range: 10 to 32V DC

Easy to use and intuitive display

Field zero, range and configuration adjustment functions

Resolution: 0.001%FS

Support temperature compensation

Complete self-diagnosis function

Modular design

High reliability

  • Performance index

 1、Working condition:

Parameter index
Reference conditionRated conditionWork restrictionTransport and storage

Ambient temperature1
Capsule temperature25±1-40~110
Relative humidity%RH10~550~1000~1000~100
Supply voltage10~32VDC

1. The operating temperature of the LCD screen is -20 ° C to +70 ° C, and the storage temperature is -30 ° C to 80 ° C.

2、Performance under rated conditions :

Parameter indexInstructions

Analog output

Digital communication

Fault output mode (configurable)

Normal range: > 3.8 to < 22mA

Fault mode: 3.8mA or 22.0mA

Supply voltage effect0.005%/V of the range
Transmitter turn-on time (including power-on and execution of self-test procedures)2.5S
Damping time constantIt can be adjusted in 0~32 seconds, with an increment of 0.1 seconds. The default value is 0 seconds
  • Installation and dimensions (reference dimensions: mm))

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