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Multi-Channel Liquid Ultrasonic Detector

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  • Application FieldsMedical Equipment,Aged Care Facility,Internet of things,Industry Robtot,Health Care Industry,Entertainment Equipment,Service Robot,Education Robot,Rehabilitation Robot

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Multi-channel liquid ultrasonic detector can detect the liquid state in multiple pipelines by means of cyclic detection. Using the ultrasonic principle, the liquid state in the pipeline can be judged by detecting whether there is air in various liquid pipelines, such as water, cola and syrup, without being limited by the viscosity and color of the detected liquid.

The detector outputs through RS485 serial port, and applies the design of industrial electronic components, which ensures the high sensitivity of detection, reduces the interference caused by external factors, and has protection functions such as surge prevention and static prevention.

Multi-channel liquid ultrasonic detector can adapt to pipelines with various diameters such as 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. Through the communication of the computer, it can realize single-channel and multi-channel empty pipe alarms, and can also adjust the cycle of detection.



Detection  of Pipe Dia.

Optional: 4mm and 6mm

Min.  Detection Bubble


RS485  Connector

RS485 MODBUS-RTUMODBUS-ASCΠ(self-adaptation)

Bus  Address

1~254Default: 1

Baud  Rate


Operation  Temp.


Operation  Humidity

0~95%RHNo condensation

Supply  Voltage

DC 9V~36V wide voltage power supply, recommended DC12V

Power  Consumption


EMC Protection

IEC 61000-4-2ESD);  IEC 61000-4-5Surge

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