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Toxic and harmful gas detector

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MiEnJi (zhejiang) Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd

China Zhejiang Province Taizhou City

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The ME-SAG200 toxic and harmful gas detector (hereinafter referred to as the detector) is a fixed instrument that can continuously detect the concentration of combustible gases, oxygen, or toxic and harmful gases in the working environment. The detector detects gas concentration through natural diffusion, using imported electrochemical sensors, catalytic combustion sensors, infrared sensors, or PID detectors, with good sensitivity and repeatability; LCD liquid crystal or LED digital display suitable for factory application can display the concentration value of leaked gas in real time, and immediately activate the sound and light alarm signal or drive the exhaust system if it exceeds the preset alarm point; The international standard 4-20mA signal can be directly connected to the factory DCS system, and the RS485 digital signal is connected to the factory upper computer; The instrument adopts embedded microcontroller technology, which is easy to operate, fully functional, and highly reliable.

Adopting advanced 16 bit ultra low power embedded microcontroller

Users can set their own high and low alarm points

Automatic calibration function to reduce measurement errors

The sensor module and detector have anti misconnection interfaces that prevent incorrect insertion

Equipped with automatic temperature compensation function

No matter what type of sensor module is inserted, there is no need for calibration settings

It can be replaced with sensors of the same type, as well as sensor modules of different types and ranges, with automatic operation and recognition

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