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Wall mounted dust sensor

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  • Product brand miENERGY
  • Apply area:Medical Equipment,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Light Industry,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Transportation and Road Administration,Internet of things, Water Conservancy and Transportation,Indoor Environment Monitoring,Health Care Industry,Food/Beverage/Medicine Industry,Animal Husbandry,Breading Industry,Warm Shed,Agricuhural Machinery,Outdoor Environment Monitoring,Security Protection/Monitor,Exploration/Monitoring,Water/Sewage Disposal,Industry Environment Monitoring,Underground Pipline,Smart Water,Water Supply and Drainage,Urban Rainstorm Waterlogging Management

MiEnJi (zhejiang) Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd

China Zhejiang Province Taizhou City

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The ME-PM-W wall mounted dust sensor adopts the Mie scattering principle to carefully detect the presence of dust particles in the air. Through professional algorithms and calibration detection processes, the sensor has good consistency and stability.

technical parameter

PM2.5 measurement range 0.0-1000 μ G/m ³

PM2.5 measurement error 0-100 μ G/m ³: ± 15 μ G/m ³;

101-1000 μ G/m ³: ± 15% reading (25 ± 2/50 ± 10% RH)

Resolution 1 μ G/m ³

Communication interface 4-20mA, RS485

Response time<30s

Power supply DC12-24V DC

Environmental temperature -10~+60 ℃

Environmental humidity 0-80% RH (No condensation)

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