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Pipeline temperature and humidity transmitter

  • Product model
  • Product brand miENERGY
  • Apply area:Medical Equipment,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Light Industry,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Transportation and Road Administration,Internet of things, Water Conservancy and Transportation,Indoor Environment Monitoring,Health Care Industry,Food/Beverage/Medicine Industry,Animal Husbandry,Breading Industry,Warm Shed,Agricuhural Machinery,Outdoor Environment Monitoring,Security Protection/Monitor,Exploration/Monitoring,Water/Sewage Disposal,Industry Environment Monitoring,Underground Pipline,Smart Water,Water Supply and Drainage,Urban Rainstorm Waterlogging Management

MiEnJi (zhejiang) Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd

China Zhejiang Province Taizhou City

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ME-WS-5P Pipeline Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is used to measure the temperature and humidity in the fan pipe. The product adopts original imported high-precision sensors, which can accurately measure temperature and humidity, and the circuit uses temperature compensation. In the face of dust, metal dust and salt spray resistance, the unique design is made, the innovative protection level and installation concept are more convenient, the sensor performance is reliable, the service life is long, the response speed is fast, and the product is stable and reliable.

technical parameter

Temperature and humidity sensitive element imported element MEM

Relative humidity measurement range: 0... 100% RH

Accuracy (at 20 ℃): ± 2% RH

Long term stability: annual drift<0.5% RH

Temperature measurement range: -40 ℃ 80 ℃- 20 ℃ 60 ℃ (with display)

Accuracy (at 20 ℃): ± 0.2 ℃

Power supply 4-20mA output: 10V+R × 20mA<U<35V DC

RS485 output: 10V-35V (DC)/24V ± 20% (AC)

Output form current 4-20mA, RS485

Current consumption 4-20mA output: DC power supply 8mA

RS485 output: typical 13mA (AC)

Circuit connection terminal, maximum 1.5mm ²

Shell/protection level polycarbonate, UL94 fire-resistant material/IP65

Dust protection first: filter

Second level: Coating protection for sensitive components

Electromagnetic compatibility standard EN 61000-6-1 EN 61000-6-3

EN 61000-3-2 EN 61000-3-3

Temperature range Working temperature range: -40... 80 ℃

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