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Microphone IC COB

  • Product modelBESIL 9422
  • Product brand BEGINOR
  • Application FieldsMedical Equipment,Wearable Devices,Aged Care Facility,Marine Equipment,Petrochemical Industry,Electric Power,Light Industry,Aerospace/Marine,Special Industry,Equipment Manufacturing,Inter-city Rail Transport/Metro,Instrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol,semiconductor,Warehouse,Nuclear Power,Metallurgy/Steel Industry,HVAC,Machine Engineering,Telecommunication,Smart Phone,Smart Home,Oil-fueled Automotive



Product Details 产品规格书下载


BESIL 9442 Semiconductor Protective Coating are high purity, one-part,solventless silicone elastomers. They provide excellent self-priming adhesion to most device surfaces resulting in high-voltage isolation and moisture protection. These materials cure to a medium durometer elastomer in applications where a dry, non-tacky surface is desired.BESIL 9442 is black in thin and thick films.


Significant features of BESIL 9442 include:

• High purity

• Excellent self-priming adhesion to common electronic device and circuit 

substrates with superior moisture resistance

• Flexibility at high and low temperatures

• Excellent electrical properties over a wide operating temperature range

• Protection from moisture, dirt and other atmospheric contaminants

• Blockage for light-sensitive devices

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