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Full Angle tube/flange automatic welding machine

  • Product modelACU-ARC10/35R SERIES
  • Product brand HI-MACH
  • Application FieldsInstrumentation and Measurement,Automation Cntrol


China Jiangsu Province Suzhou City

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Acu-arc10/35r series automatic welding machine welding special machine circumference and linear welding set as a whole; The main power rotating head can be 360° unlimited rotation, welding gun composite main power rotating head to convert the position Angle, in the welding process to convert the welding attitude, the machine has straight line, arc, circle, swing, displacement, Angle and workpiece position flip function, ACU-ARC10/35R integrated straight line and circular welding function, A set of automata can realize multiple varieties and batches of automatic welding.

Recommended for: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy materials and other pipe fittings, barrel body self-melting, wire filling, surface surfacing and multi-layer multi-pass, etc.

Functions and Features

The whole machine has six axes and five linkage, type wide body structure, and the main power head automatically turns 360°.

The welding torch transfer mechanism can complete the welding of large radius elbow in the negative direction of the welding torch welding machine.

Combined with ACU-ARC welding technology, the complex welding technology is simplified.

Horizontal direction, tilt, vertical 0-270° all-round automatic welding.

200 sets of welding process formula can achieve single, multiple, different forms of automatic welding.


Hollow diameter: 100mm

Weldable diameter: 8mm-400mm

Weldable length: 20mm-400mm

Welding current: 5-300A ±1

Machine power: 18.6KVA

Overall dimensions: 1450*780*1850mm


Hollow diameter: 170mm

Weldable diameter: 50mm-600mm

Weldable length: 50mm-800mm

Welding current: 8A-400A±5

Machine power: 21.5kVA

Dimensions: 1750 x 860 x 2150mm


Hollow diameter: 350mm

Weldable diameter: 76mm-8000mm

Weldable length: 80mm-1200mm

Welding current: 8A-500A±5

Machine power: 26.8KVA

Dimensions: 2260*980*2350mm

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